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Would you like to earn some extra income with your possessions while you are not availing them for personal use? Let it

Organize your startup finances

As a modern-day entrepreneur, do you face challenges in managing your startup finances?   The health of your startup’s financial structure is certainly the key to success. It is quite

The retail sector in Pakistan, being the third largest sector in the country, and the second largest employer employing 16 percent of

Are you running your own restaurant, café or any food retail business? Are you fed up with spending hours

What is a hackathon?

What is a Hackathon?  Hackathons are conducted to find interesting and often times unheard solutions to problems. A hackathon

Worldwide, breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women. 2 million new cancer cases were

The local startup ecosystem in Pakistan is quickly gaining momentum. Abundant talent and a large market, growing interest from

While enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in his hometown of Azad Kashmir, Idrees Qureshi, the founder of Opportunities Circle,

Team Saving 9 conducting First Aid workshops in LUMS. A person drops unconscious in front of you in a

EastLaw, a startup at the NIC, has created a database of judgements, books and legal documents that facilitates access