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Aiyin – Breaking Barriers in Education through VR

The best lessons are learned from the experiences we endure. These lessons make us empathetic, enabling us to connect with others at an emotional level.

One such lesson was learned by Harris-an average student, but one with aspiring dreams. He wanted to do so much but could not keep pace with the traditional, challenging education system. He felt hampered to achieve his dreams- he was high on determination, yet obstructed by the system to learn at his own pace. As he grew up, he realized there are many people like him, many of them have learning disabilities which are unfortunately never figured out. The result is stereotyping, family and society bashing, ultimately having serious consequences for personality development. Harris, with his big dreams and an internal drive to achieve success, ended up graduating as a Computer Engineer, from a leading university in the country.

The story of his childhood, however, always remained with him. He had immense empathy for students who lagged behind, simply due to lack of opportunity to learn at their own pace. He felt an urge to break traditional barriers, to change mindset so education is projected as an enabler of cognitive development, rather than a liability that puts youngsters under undue pressure of achieving milestones defined by our society.
During his degree, he developed an interest in Computer Graphics and worked on a Virtual Reality project for his university campus. Having won various awards in the same domain, Harris decided to use VR Technology to revolutionize the teaching mechanism in the country. And this is how Aiyin was born.

Aiyin is a Virtual Reality based startup that embeds the VR technology into teaching, to create immersiveness, enabling students to visualize concepts, understand them better for problem-solving, and learn at their own pace. Moreover, it focuses on empowering teachers with tools to build their own VR experiences for students. Some of the key features include working microscopes, and experiences of core science concepts that are difficult to grasp in theory.

Aiyin is aiming to not only revolutionize the education system but also to make it more cost-effective. The startup is currently working with clients in the private and public sector, and also provides its services free of cost as CSR initiative to institutes in underprivileged areas. Comprising of three co-founders, and a team of five people, Aiyin has great aspirations for the future. The team feels it has just taken its first step forward towards digitalizing the practical education landscape and will continue to strive forward to create an impact that never fades away.

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