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A sea of opportunities – Opportunities Circle steps up to take you further

While enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in his hometown of Azad Kashmir, Idrees Qureshi, the founder of Opportunities Circle, was keen to go abroad for his higher education. He was hopeful to apply for an international scholarship but wasn’t sure where to find the best study abroad programs and opportunities. He asked around and was led to several exchange programs and internship opportunities listed online. This was an eye-opener for Idrees. He realized that the problem wasn’t a lack of opportunity, rather a lack of well-organized listings. This was the epiphany moment that led to his startup idea for a cental platform where ambitious learners may find opportunities to study abroad, this was the beginning of ‘Opportunities Circle’.   

Opportunities Circle is your go-to website for study and work abroad opportunities, ranging from international programs, scholarships and competitions to renowned internship opportunities at companies like Google, Intel, Facebook and the like. Opportunities Circle is a tailor-made platform to facilitate international exposure. 

Gaining work experience in different countries and working with a diverse workforce allows for a deeper appreciation of varying perspectives and cultures and enables individuals to develop a range of cognitive and interpersonal skills. These ‘real world’ learnings complement learning in the classroom and enables students to process knowledge in new contexts.  

Opportunities Circle, which began as a simple WhatsApp group, now has a complete web portal that aggregates diverse international opportunities for Pakistani students. With student ambassadors in universities across the country and a worldwide network of ambassadors in more than 40 countries, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. 

During the recent quarantine period, Opportunities Circle connected students to multiple free online courses offered by world class universities and leading companies, which helped keep people engaged during the covid-19 work from home period. Thousands of students enrolled in courses ranging from Biology to Computer Programming to Psychology, earning certifications from places like Harvard, MIT and Google. 

Opportunities Circle believes in making opportunities accessible to everyone especially for the underprivileged. The founder envisions students continuing to use his platform to develop their skillsets and find opportunities for personal and professional growth.  

Being a part of the National Incubation Center’s 7th Cohort, access to world class mentors and vast industry linkages has allowed the founder to finetune his offerings to meet emerging needs of students. For more details on the offerings, visit their website

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Founder Detail: Idrees Qureshi – CEO Opportunities Circle

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