National Incubation Center

June 21, 2019

Ali Khan Swati

I started my entrepreneurial career soon after my father passed away. Why and how this happened? let’s dive in. I wasn’t the brightest student in my university life. All I did was write some blogs at night and attend my classes during the day. I started my digital marketing career with little to no earning …

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Ali Chaudhry

I live my life with a simple principle which Jeff Bezos calls ‘Regret Minimisation Framework’. In less nerdy terms it means taking actions which you don’t regret later in life. This was the reason I decided to move back to Pakistan from UK. I think I have an idea that can potentially change the world, …

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Ershian Anwar

Every inspirational story about change-makers or entrepreneurs that you come across will usually start from an event or a thought they had in their childhood. While this might be true in my case too, my real motivation came when we saw our customers’ lives impacted by our product. Anzen’s Wi-Fi switches wer e installed at …

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Hina Shahrukh

A small-town girl, eldest among five daughters and belonging to a lower-middle-class family, I never had abundant resources, but I had the motivation to make it big one day. I was determined to change my life, make my parents proud and show my relatives that daughters are a blessing!I was resolute and opted for Chartered …

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